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I'm not an actor

I just play one on TV

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Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:United States of America
"Everybody's got the right to be happy. Everybody's got the right to their dreams."

I Am:
- 5'7", but constantly wearing shoes that allow me to pretend to be 5'9"
- a gummi bear/fish/worm freak (gummi fish are the best though)
- difficult to understand
- unhappy with my lack of motivation at times
- an incessant quoter of Arrested Development (and Yacht Rock)
- ruled by the music in my life
- a better listener than I am a talker
- someone who loves to read but doesn't do it enough
- disorganized in an organized way
- annoyed by people who stop BEFORE you at 4-way stops and then don't go
- hoping to have a novel published some day
- happy when I amuse myself
- mildly obsessed with license plates and making words or phrases out of them
- deathly afraid of needles but yearning for more piercings
- ***also officially ready for my first tattoo! (added: 5.22.17)***
- me
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